** Class PowerPoint Presentation (2 per page)    4pp


Supplementary materials to be covered in class (or to read on your own)

** Infection Control Issues in the OR     (1p)

** Infection Control in the OR    (5p)

** Infectious Agents in the Hospital Environment     (3p)

** Methods of Disinfection, Sterilization and Waste Disposal      (7p)

** Duke University Clinical Engineering Infection Control Policy


Reference materials (interesting stuff that is related but for which you will not be responsible)

    CDC Paper on Bloodstream HAI - 2015

    CDC Paper - Direct Medical Costs of HAI

    AHRQ paper - Adult Hospital Stays with Infections

    UCLA Policy on Infection Control

    Engineering Infection Control Through Facility Design (covered in class presentation)

    CDC Brochure - Exposure to Blood: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know


** study these carefully