Class Presentations

       Disaster Preparedness-2pp     4pp


ECRI Articles - required reading

 **   Emergency Management Plan (3 pp)

 **   Disaster Drills  (5 pp)

 **   Hemodialysis Water Quality - Contingency Planning for Disasters (5 pp)

 **   Considering Worst Case Scenarios (3 pp)

 **   JCAHO Requirements for Disaster Drills (1pp)


Previous Class Presentations

       Response to Disasters - Ken Price, UCHC from 2007

       Disaster Planning example at UCHC


    Other reference articles

        Hurricane Katrina Review

        Analysis of Recent Hurricane Disasters - Health and Human Services (nursing home response analysis)

        National Incident Management System - Department of Homeland Security

        Disaster Proofing Patients - Health Management Technology magazine

        Influenza Pandemic Update - Center for Disease Control newsletter

        VA Emergency Management (EM) Principles and Practices for Healthcare Systems

        CDC Disaster Preparedness 101:  Zombie Pandemic


**  Important reading to supplement class presentation